Thursday, 26 December 2013

just found this on my pc

ok it was the 17th but such i cute photo i had to put it on the blog

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

yuletide felicitations!

my bed at 5am after ellie, lottie, egon and boo had opened their stockings

crazed puppy experiences his first xmas

a rawhide stocking is very exciting

but a chicken foot is the best

ellie with her buffalo wings pretzels

and she did say she wanted elvis under the tree!

lottie with her traditional pringles (no sharing involved then)

and her tablet (a highly coveted item)

this cat is an alien i am sure

a clootie dumpling!!

older sister/aunt opening her gifts

mum/grandma looking more happier about the process

our lovely dinner table

and our lovely dinner with festive bibs!

wherever and with whomever you spent the day, i hope it was surrounded by love

Monday, 23 December 2013

party preps

tincans covered in wallpaper and red netting tied in a bow...oasis inside to stick the holly and the ivy (please feel free to start singing), then red baubles threaded onto florist wire and stuck in too

these are for the tables at our dept. xmas party tonight

lottie's baking lesson

lottie made festive lovelies with her friend's mum...this is her yule log

and her sugar paste cupcakes

festive bakefest!

ginger cookies

candy cane cupcakes

caramel cupcakes

mummy's pannettone

all sliced up ready for after church xmas eve and as french toast for xmas breakfast

loola's gingerbread house

sparkly wonderland

with proper american taffy!

our xmas cake drenched with amaretto!

Thursday, 19 December 2013

overnight guests

we put our names down for this...the characters from the church's crib stay with a different person each night of advent, the current hosts contact the next on the list, they take them round, say a prayer and the next hosts look after them until the next day when the whole process starts again

we had a lovely lady called Carol bring the figures to us and she ended up staying half an hour adoring egon and the cats and having a nice chat

so mary and joseph slept in the lounge by the xmas tree

tomorrow we only have to walk 2 streets along for the next hosts!

lottieloola is 12!

lottie got given money for her birthday so we met grandma in brighton and she took us to bhs for a fry-up

opening gifts

captain macaroni scores again!


after much trekking around the shops, this is lottie's haul...disney store, lush and cyber candy

no cake this year, just (just?!) a dozen krispy kreme donuts!

and she couldn't contain her excitement any longer

happy birthday baby

Friday, 6 December 2013

happy st nicholas day!

guess who came last night?? yep st nicholas!

ellie didn't get a stick

and neither did lottie!

just chocolate and lovely stuff

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

jaunty jug!

found this in a charity shop for £1.50 and am utterly in cute?! perfect for egg nog!

st nicholas crafts

this is a felt st nicholas and a felt black peter

we sewed features onto 2 pieces of felt the same colour/size for the faces then sewed them together...we added a beard to the bottom with white marabou feather for st nicholas and some lace for black peter for his ruffle....we then sewed a cross onto st nicholas' mitre hat on both sides, then sewed them together but inserted the face into the bottom of the mitre to join together...for black peter we sewed together a hat and added a feather and inserted his face whilst sewing up....used the loose ends of thread to make a loop to hang

festive cereal!

this image caught my eye whilst grocery shopping and i thought to myself "looks a lot like a norman rockwell" wasn't until closer inspection that they have actually used a norman rockwell print!

AND they have put clement c moore's "twas the night before christmas" poem on the side!

rah for kellogs!

gingerbread cottage

lottie saved her pocket money to buy this cute little kit for £5

she assembled and iced it herself

chose the sweets

made it look all pretty

Monday, 2 December 2013

letters to father christmas

as is tradition in our house, we do letters to the big man on december 1st on the fire (the german way)

there is a 50s thang going on here

dogs feature a lot

can't have number 2 without number 3

the letters fly up the chimney to the north pole, float down f.c's chimney and then magically reform for him to read and reply

we also had smores afterwards and listened to jum reeves christmas vinyl album...old school!