Friday, 11 May 2012

goose egg part2

ellie decided to boil hers (7 mins in cold water filled pan) and eggcups were just too small so a playdoh pot was perfect!


what is there to do when the weather is pants?

stay comfy on the sofa and play with fimo

and make things that make you smile

Thursday, 10 May 2012


had friends round for ice cream sundaes today and i remembered spotting a recipe in nigel slater's real fast puddings for a vanilla fudge sauce, so we made it:

2oz butter, 4oz golden syrup, 4oz sugar heated in saucepan for 5mins until bubbling

take off heat and add vanilla extract and 150ml double cream

pour over sundae and wait for adoration from guests (takes 20 seconds)

in our sundaes we had blueberries/raspberries/bananas/crumbled brownies/vanilla ice cream/said sauce

best i've ever had

have a gander at this...

goose egg from the market

lottie made herself one filling yummy omlette

Monday, 7 May 2012

not your typical sunday

soooo you go shopping in brighton, visit folks, cuddle puppies, get dinner cooked for you and have an all-round lovely day

you get on the bus home, tired but happy

you sit upstairs at the front (best seats) and settle down for a 40min journey

then you hear heavy stuff happening downstairs which leads into a bloody assault, arrest, bus stopped for an hour, ambulance, statements etc

this girl was swearing her head off with no respect for her fellow passengers so an off duty police officer asked her very nicely to curb her mouth (she picked the wrong bus!), she ignored him, he gave her ample warnings if she didn't stop swearing he would throw her off the bus, she ignored those too, when he tried to physically remove her from the bus, she assaulted him and i've never seen men move so quickly to help out an explosive situation (which i found inspiring because you hear of non-involvement too many times which i realise is because usually the good guys end up hurt/dead/arrested themselves, so i don't blame them but last night we had gentlemen on the bus ready to protect women and children)

the bus stopped, she was removed, the police arrived, she was taken away, the off duty police officer treated and after lots of statements, we finally got on our way (bus driver was absolutely fine and not flustered by the event) and we got a quick journey home because he only dropped off, no pick-ups as he had to go make his own company statement directly afterwards

but it's funny how differently people react

this was me...

this was ellie...

and this was lottie....all ready to go sort the whole thing out once and for all (confrontation does not upset her)

whilst reading the new spring edition of the lush times, i found what appears to be my ex husband

he's the guy in the shower with beard and moustache holding a bottle of happy hippy

ellie said "ooh mummy, he's very handsome"
i said, "of course dahling, i get the fitty mcfitties"

Sunday, 6 May 2012

useless fact of the day

recently i have been calling firstborn a 'div' but then became concerned that i might be using it incorrectly so after a wee bit of research i now know:

it is a derogatory term meaning 'stupid' but it has two origins

1. a scouse term as the nearest mental asylum to liverpool was the deva hospital (from the roman word when they were in blighty) which the locals misread as diva

2. prison inmates all had jobs but the job considered the lowest for the stupidest was making cardboard dividers for boxes

vicky, geo and tommy went to florida recently and brought back goodies!

lottie wanted this 'funfetti'!

i got a big box of twinkies!

thanks guys!

lego town

spent an hour helping this little guy build 'tommyville'

an hour well spent

puppy cuddling!

introducing elvis, prince and velvet

welcome to the world boys

Friday, 4 May 2012

bibi has had bibis!

we are going to visit on sunday
(VERY  excited!)

bath melts

1 cup bicarb, 1 cup cream of tartar, glycerin to mix and whichever smelly oil you want (in lottie's case, toffee apple)

shape into something (in lottie's case a glittery toffee apple with stick)

pop under the running hot water tap of your bath and wallow in soft smelly creamy loveliness

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

non 25th silver wedding anniversary

30th april 1987 i got married so it would have been my 25th wedding anniversary so i could not let this day pass

my marriage did not last and i mean no disrespect to my ex husband by celebrating this event (i do not hate him, i wish him no ill will, he's lovely, we just failed)...i am just amazed that if we were still together that this day would have come AND that we would have paid our mortgage off too!

so i had an evening soiree, silver themed

our dinner for my guests of peace dove charms (the fact i am here 'not' celebrating 25 years of marriage means i haven't always had peace in my life and therefore wish peace for everyone)

twinkly silver lights, silver stars, silver tree with keys, safety pins, buttons, lovebirds, bells, rings, brooches

silver dress, silver shoes, silver jewellery (the hair is naturally handy!)

gifts from my guests!

our menu was lashings of champagne, ardennes pate and toast, chicken kiev/mediterraean roasted veggies/mange tout and this giant pavlova (because i remember having pavlova at my new mother-in-law's house on the evening our wedding day)

a true retro 1987 menu listening to enya (1987 album)

we had a quiz and discovered that 1987 was the year of hungerford massacre/kings cross fire/margaret thatcher's 3rd election term/zeebruge ferry disaster/world population reached 5billion/simpsons appeared on tv for 1st time/france and england started on the channel tunnel and dirty dancing was the hit film of the year

we also compiled lists of 25 reasons to get married and it's amazing how 6 people came up with different priorities and theories

when you are 18 you don't ever think you could ever reach 25 years from that day and i am blown away that it has arrived

"to mark, wherever you are and whatever you are doing, i hope you are happy, you have love in your life and many blessings"