Tuesday, 30 October 2012

halloween pressies

i forgot i made these last year for the girls

black and orange crochet rings with freaky black beads to look like spider eyes

i am amayyyzing

springbarn farm

they love corn on the cob (who knew?!)


i love donkeys soooo much

giant inflatable pillows

silly mum

they beat me every time

beautiful birds

lottie, tommy and geo down the slides
(see that red vertical slide next to it? i spent half an hour trying to pluck up the courage to go down it...but it didn't happen)

meet the animals

beautiful view

maize maze (lottie is not lost)

geo on her phone

we had great weather, a great day, staff were fab, facilities were well maintained, go there!

Monday, 29 October 2012

tommy's birthday cake

the boy wanted a butterscotch cake so this is butterscotch sponge with vanilla buttercream with butterscotch pieces and butterscotch chocolate pieces

too much? 


photo album

i decided to make a family photo album for the coffee table at halloween...pieces of card bound with wool and blanket stitch...printed the photos, laminated, mounted with old-fashioned corners

hocus pocus

sleeping beauty

snow white

little mermaid


the witches

harry potter





the munsters

the addams family

neverending story

witches of eastwick

practical magic


and again

random google images