Friday, 14 February 2014


my work costume this year was "all heart"...although ellie thought it should be titled "all boobs"

(the wellies were not part of the ensemble but i was about to walk home in the storm)

these place cards were made using a cardboard egg carton for the roses!

i found a yt tutorial and we painted them and added glitter and think they're lovely

Saturday, 1 February 2014

duct tape

a very lovely youtube subscriber of mine sent patterned duct tape to me (we can't get it here) and lottie was itching to use some

so she found a tutorial on yt to make these bows which can be used as a hairclip, bowtie or handbag decoration and had to make one in each colour

she is chuffed to bits with them

(craftlife on yt)

chinese new year

the dragon is out again

the celebration tree and festive tablecloth

it is year of horse so lottie made stencil horse heads

and origami horses

and another paper horse

and old school lanterns

we had fortune cookies after chowmein chicken noodles, egg fried rice, breaded prawn tails and prawn crackers

we didn't launch our lanterns as it was tipping down or do our snaps to chase away evil spirits (will try willing)

gung hey fat choi to you all!