Thursday, 31 January 2013


read this

wrote names in hieroglyphics

made a pyramid out of sugar cubes and icing

we removed a brick each layer and set the 'stones' back halfway

finally got to the top

luckily we didn't use 2 million bricks like the largest pyramid at giza!

got this in charity shop for £1

following a colour-coded pattern

much concentration

finally it is complete (note to parents: a thimble and a glass of gin will help)

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

a lovely thank you

lottie wrote to lush (see previous post)

lush wrote back

lush sent these

such fun! (get it? the stuff is called 'fun'....)

Sunday, 27 January 2013

burns night

tartan wreath for the front door

st andrew flags and tartan bunting on the fireplace

the celebration tree with tartan bows

and rabbie burns

and thistles and celtic brooches

and bagpipes

haggis, neeps and tatties

a wee dram

background music

decorated dog

we ate scotch broth to start, the traditional main and then clootie dumpling with shortbread (i managed to find a recipe for microwave clooties! i don't do steaming for 4 hours...)

we made the traditional speeches, addressed the haggis, read poetry and sang auld lang syne

and i found that whiskey really aids a restful sleep!

'lang may yer lum reek' (i know it's usually said at hogmanay but seems befitting tonight too)

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

pop art

lottie learnt about andy warhol and the pop art movement...she tried to recreate his marilyn images using katy perry but we didn't screen print them...we printed 4 black & white images and washed each images with ink (this coloured the skin) she then painted the hair/nails/lips/eyes/background in different colours on each image...we then mounted them on white card and laminated them

quite successful me thinks

Monday, 21 January 2013


and to complete our day of snowy crafts, take the pie cases your dinner came in (girls had chicken and mushroom with a side order of broccoli) and cut into sections but only half way into the case, and cut sections out to look like snowflakes

bobbly snowmen

take a tp roll, scrunch up a piece of a4 paper into a ball, place ball on top of tp roll and tape ball onto tp roll so you have a body for a snowman...cover entire body with double-sided tape...choose 2 same colour pom poms for eyes and stick them on, choose a colour for the nose and stick it on, choose pom poms for buttons  and stick them on, choose ear muff pom poms and stick them on and stick a piece of felt in the same colour as the ear muffs for the headband, cut a long strip of felt for a scarf, fringe the ends and stick it on....cover the remaining areas with balls of white tissue until your snowman is all fluffy

this is lottie's

ellie went for a felt nose, eyes, buttons and a hand knitted scarf (only 2 stitches each row!) and some garden wire for arms

so cute


cut the bottom off clear plastic bottles

use nail varnish in snowy colours to paint on a snowflake design

trim the edges into points and add a ribbon

frosty the snowman...

they actually did something together and made this

eskimos in newhaven

walking in a winter wonderland...

i am fascinated by snow on trees

dashing through the snow...

lottie and i went sledging and had the hill to ourselves...the skill to this sport is avoiding crashing into the teasels at the bottom 

cat castle

ellie decided to make 'princey palace' for jaycee with the cardboard box our american candy came in...
it has a drawbridge, turrets and flags and a very regal blanket for absolute comfort

she's 17

Saturday, 19 January 2013

she's a winner!

lottie loves the arcade at brighton bowlplex...getting tickets for winning games and trading those tickets for prizes such as this giant ball in her favourite colour green

the white stuff

snowflakes, crystals and icicles on the season tree

winter wreath on the door

powdery footprints

yep it's snow!