Sunday, 29 April 2012

Saturday, 28 April 2012

guess where we went this afternoon?

oh look! a big top!

show's nearly starting!

yep, the circus came to town and we spent 2 hours gasping, cheering, laughing, clapping and generally having a rather jolly time (unlike the weather outside)

Friday, 27 April 2012


lottie's new pastime...watching fimo tutorials on youtube and making them herself

newhaven fort

a lovely sunny day for our visit

albeit a bit windy

ellie with no neck

learning about 'no waste'

'make do and mend'

'meals from what was around'


spooky stairs

even spookier and extremely very thin tunnel

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

answers on a postcard please...

a trip to sheffield park gardens

but are these sheep or armadillo sculptures they are sitting on???

bodiam castle

lottie and her home-schooled mate had an excursion

butter wouldn't melt

clearly it did melt and consequences were administered accordingly

cake unites the world!

lottie made the lovely library ladies a lemon drizzle loaf cake

they made her a lovely card!
ellie's new turntable arrived today...
much excitement, playing of glenn miller and instructions from an old woman to a young digital person about the fragility of vinyl and needles and dust and static and scratches and 33s or 45s
lottie found a recipe on youtube for making your own fimo

after mixing all these ingredients, you zap it in the microwave for 1min

overzapping results in a bouncy stuff no good for watch that microwave!
lottie found this in a charity shop for 50p

a truck that only follows the black line as it has optic sensors


st george's day

our dragon pinata filled with very english sweeties (dolly mixtures, jelly beans, jammie dodgers etc)


our wooden sword for bashing the pinata

our english flag

banoffee pie...a very english dish (created at the hungry monk in jevington in 1972 and is a pastry base people! not biscuit!)

we also had shepherds pie (created in 1500s when potatoes were introduced to england and we thought them rather bland so we added masses of tasty meat to them)

our dinner table (red hats and blowers, red glow bracelets, red roses)

we made these roses for place settings (england's national flower)

knight lottie of whingdom

knight ellie of vintagedom

knight fay of boobdom

knight james with his famous sword
(such a bloke)

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

there are some people who always make you feel good, never judge, really make you larf and completely restore your faith in human nature

whenever we spend time with this person:
we enjoy all these things

he gets our vote!

Saturday, 14 April 2012

lottie's bacon and cheddar muffins

140g sr flour, 100g grated cheddar, 1 egg, 2 cooked rashers bacon cut into small pieces, 150ml milk, salt and pepper, parmesan sprinkled on top before baking....25-30mins at 180c

ellie's dairy-free chocolate almond cookies

4oz soya margarine, 4oz sugar, 1 egg, plop vanilla, 25g dairy-free choc drops, 25g chopped almonds, 6oz plain flour...bake 180c for 20-25mins

space lesson

great way to learn about the moon phases

the cookies are very difficult to break into the right shape but at least lottie learnt what 'gibbous''s humpback because that is the shape

then of course you get to dip the cookies in milk

shove them in your gob and not give any to your puppy

Friday, 13 April 2012

Glass Beach, Kauai

isn't it amazing what nature does with human rubbish?

this beach has a high proportion of glass because the town dump used to be located nearby and all those dumped bottles got tumbled around by the sea to make beautiful coloured pebbles

money raising

we are going on holiday in 6 weeks and the girls want to get some holiday money

so they have both sent off packages to music magpie (and ellie has sold her 'a' level course books to amazon too)

quite resourceful i think

choccywoccydoodah (again)

ornamental cabbages and white cherubs and glitter...beyootiful

pansies and butterflies

sieze the day

i wonder if the chocolate tastes as good as it looks?

Monday, 9 April 2012

easter bunny visit

never knew the easter bunny was myopic

and a bit short too

pyjama egg hunt

lottie's stash


moochos chocolate

hope your easter was full of family and fun