Wednesday, 8 May 2013


my grandma had a red and cream 1940s one; my mum had a blue and white 60s one and i've always wanted one and got one on ebay for £ was covered in nicotine and 5 layers of paint but after much soaking in bio washing powder, nitromors, sanding and painting, i have a treasure to behold:

meet peggy lou

i lined the shelves with cath kidstonish roses wallpaper
and painted it candy pink and white


cat tries new method of bird catching

such brains

a twinkie!!

have found a newsagents in eastbourne that sells canadian twinkies!

much joy

japanese candy kits

go to cybercandy
buy a kit
go home and watch youtube tutorial (because the instructions on the packet are in japanese)
make candy that looks like a burger

in my simple world, there is nothing nicer than seeing a line full of washing on a spring day

maya angelou wrote a line in one of her books (can't remember which one, sorry) "watching the wind whip the wet out the washing"...couldn't have put it better myself

exhibition at newhaven fort

we went to see this

we will be doing a project about this (more to follow)


lottie has been watching youtube tutorials on origami and made these hearts

the plain variety

apparently a jack o lantern pumpkin can be made watch this space!