Friday, 9 August 2013

my firstborn reaches adulthood

it awakes at 6.30am still in it's rollers and fluffy bedjacket

lottie and i had secretly decorated

birthday breakfast was fat doorstop bacon butties followed by birthday cake

make a wish smelly!

coconut sponge with coconut cream butter icing

after a big shopping morning, the best fish & chips ever, in terminus road eastbourne

then a walk along the seafront to fusciardi's 
ellie had lemon sorbet, tutti frutti and coconut
lottie had strawberry, mint choc chip and tutti frutti
mummy had hazelnut, coffee and honeycomb

ellie had bought herself a ww2 army uniform which had to be worn out to the pub tonight

complete with pencilled on stocking seams on the backs of her legs

happy birthday ellie!

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

chalk people

bored children got given a task...draw around each other then fill in yourself with various items for a contest

this is lottie wearing her mint green leggings and her usa tshirt and with the pink hair she so desires

this is melissa wearing a crop top and patchwork skirt having just been to dominos

and this is jay wearing his camouflage shorts and woolly top having just been shopping at the co-op and had lunch at burgerking

how does this compare to the real melissa?

or the real jay?

anyway, prizes given:

jay - most lifelike, wonka sourtarts
melissa - most imaginative, american lucky charm pieces
lottie - most colourful, smores chocolate bar

and ellie got a xmas cookie chocolate bar for being the judge

all in all stopped them arguing for a good hour

macmillan bake sale

guinness and chocolate cupcakes

giant carrot cakes

lemon drizzle loaves

one of the tables

we did a bake sale at work in aid of macmillan (as one of our colleagues recently passed away from cancer)...macmillan sent us tshirt transfers and balloons and collection boxes and tablecloths...someone's uncle kindly supplied tshirts and did the transfers for us, we all baked lots of stuff, sainsburys donated 5 bottles of plonk so we had a raffle and we also did 'guess the sweeties' to date approx. £200

not bad