Wednesday, 12 June 2013

piano lesson

child was struggling with remembering what notes made up what chords

so the logical mother colour-coded them for easy reference and playing

now taylor swift's '22' is played with ease 
(and sometimes too often)

got me an evil looking electric saw for my birthday

made easy work of all this donated furniture for the winter fuel stash

sunbeam-catching sleepy puppy

love this man...


honey i shrunk the kids!

does it ever stop posing

playing sweepstake

a winner!

the seafront whaleway

toot toot


the jackson5 tribute band

Thursday, 6 June 2013



got her from vintage haven (see facebook page) for £15...stripped it, sanded it, undercoated it, painted it, lined shelves with wallpaper to match peggylou

my cocktail compartment

my afternoon tea compartment

and a draw for one's frilly pinnies, tea cosies and placemats!

Monday, 3 June 2013

sir ken robinson speaks again...

I was up in San Francisco a while ago doing a book signing. There was this guy buying a book, he was in his 30s. And I said, "What do you do?" And he said, "I'm a fireman." And I said, "How long have you been a fireman?" He said, "Always. I've always been a fireman." And I said, "Well, when did you decide?" He said, "As a kid. But when I got to the senior year of school my teachers didn't take it seriously. This one teacher didn't take it seriously. He said I was throwing my life away if that's all I chose to do with it; that I should go to college, I should become a professional person, that I had great potential and I was wasting my talent to do that." And he said, "It was humiliating because he said it in front of the whole class and I really felt dreadful. But it's what I wanted, and as soon as I left school, I applied to the fire service and I was accepted." And he said, "You know, I was thinking about that teacher just a few minutes ago” he said, "because six months ago, I saved his life." He said, "He was in a car wreck, and I pulled him out, gave him CPR, and I saved his wife's life as well." He said, "I think he thinks better of me now."