Tuesday, 4 October 2011

home economics

lottie has a nasty cold and was flagging today so we stayed in and made red cherry ice cream and banana cinnamon cupcakes

adding half can hartley's red cherry pie-filling to small pot whipped double cream

after adding a puff of icing sugar and a bit of vanilla extract, plop into a container and freeze
leave to soften for 20mins before eating
 (if you can wait that long)

creaming 4oz vanilla sugar, 4oz butter then adding 2 eggs and lots of cinnamon

slopping the 4 bananas in before adding 5oz flour
bake 180C for 20mins

we sandwiched 2 cakes together with butter cream and covered the top with the same
sprinkle of grated dark chocolate and some fairy dust (because lottie said the library ladies needed some which is who she was making them for as they see her get out all these baking books and hinted that lottie should bring some in...this obviously sat in her mind because she said "mummy i want to make some for them"...so we took them today and they were tres grateful)


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