Saturday, 14 January 2012

only a perfect person can sit in judgement
perfect people don't exist
ergo: no-one can judge

i don't understand a lot of decisions people make but it's their life not mine

and if it makes them happy, i'm happy that they're happy because i just want everyone to be happy

unless an opinion is asked for, don't offer it

be careful how you behave around them
they notice constant sniping, an obvious dislike of them, the difference in treatment

just because i home-school my child doesn't give anyone free reign to all the above

how would you like having to justify your life constantly?
shall i judge you?
shall i be intolerant of your differences?
should i criticise?
should i just stand by and let my child hear/see this?



  1. hallo lovely woman...we are all good are you?

    i just know some people who are toxic in their opinion of what i do

    what parent continues to force something on their child knowing it is making them desperately unhappy when they have a choice to say "i love you enough to stop this"?

    me! so there

    how's miss p? are you going to the incinerator visit via lewes home-ed? we are...if you can make it then you could come to ours for tea and cake after

    let me know x

  2. When is it and what is it? Deleted it because I thought it was too far away. Would it be good? Easily tempted by tea and cakes! x

  3. karen tells me it will be march sometime...