Tuesday, 24 April 2012

st george's day

our dragon pinata filled with very english sweeties (dolly mixtures, jelly beans, jammie dodgers etc)


our wooden sword for bashing the pinata

our english flag

banoffee pie...a very english dish (created at the hungry monk in jevington in 1972 and is a pastry base people! not biscuit!)

we also had shepherds pie (created in 1500s when potatoes were introduced to england and we thought them rather bland so we added masses of tasty meat to them)

our dinner table (red hats and blowers, red glow bracelets, red roses)

we made these roses for place settings (england's national flower)

knight lottie of whingdom

knight ellie of vintagedom

knight fay of boobdom

knight james with his famous sword
(such a bloke)

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