Monday, 29 October 2012

winnie's spell book

i decided to make a copy of winifred sanderson's spell book from hocus pocus (our favourite halloween film)
i got a hardback book from the charity shop and covered it in brown fabric embellished with brown felt for the snakes and eye...i wanted to put all the spells from disney films in it

it was originally made from human skin

hocus pocus spell

little mermaid cast by ursula

tangled cast by gothel

an advert

snow white cast by grimhilde

another advert

yet another

beauty and the beast cast by the old peddlar woman

more advertisements

sleeping beauty cast by maleficent

salem's witch house

map of salem

i burnt the edges of the pages and aged them with tea

by the way...i was in salem in 1993 when they were filming hocus pocus and stayed here:

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