Saturday, 3 November 2012

dia de los muertos

we made meringue skulls and painted them with food colour and edible glitter...these are lottie's

these are ellie's

our shrine and papel picado flags

the celebration tree has sugar skulls and calaveras 
we have photos of our deceased relatives...kay, h, nanny net, flo, stella, george, mary, james

we put items relating to the deceased...a hippo for kay (she loved them; even had a pair on top of her wedding cake), a dog lead for h (he loved dogs), knitting needles for nanny net (she made ellie some baby cardis), cooking tools for flo (she was a cook for the glasgow fire service), embroidery floss for stella (she used to embroider these beautiful tablecloths), hairdresser scissors for george (he was a barber amongst many other things), and i do not know what mary or james liked/did 

you leave a wash bowl, comb, flannel, soap and a mirror for the spirits to have a spruce-up whilst they are visiting...some bread and salt to season it for them to snack to represent the shortness of life...and mother mary and jesus to watch over them

we ate fajitas and skull meringues with cream for dinner and i told the girls about these people so they know their ancestry

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