Monday, 21 January 2013

bobbly snowmen

take a tp roll, scrunch up a piece of a4 paper into a ball, place ball on top of tp roll and tape ball onto tp roll so you have a body for a snowman...cover entire body with double-sided tape...choose 2 same colour pom poms for eyes and stick them on, choose a colour for the nose and stick it on, choose pom poms for buttons  and stick them on, choose ear muff pom poms and stick them on and stick a piece of felt in the same colour as the ear muffs for the headband, cut a long strip of felt for a scarf, fringe the ends and stick it on....cover the remaining areas with balls of white tissue until your snowman is all fluffy

this is lottie's

ellie went for a felt nose, eyes, buttons and a hand knitted scarf (only 2 stitches each row!) and some garden wire for arms

so cute

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