Sunday, 31 March 2013

brighton cakes

choccywoccydoodah bunny in a bath!

"if you are a sock then i am a shoe" this cake, reminds me of kate bush "every old sock needs an old shoe"

cherubs and pink roses...made for me!

lottie also wanted cupcakes from the angel food bakery in meeting house lane as her easter she got a box of 6 (2 red velvet - nice...cookies and cream - nice...white chocolate - nice...banoffee - very nice...vanilla? the most disgusting cake and icing we have all ever tasted)

ellie got the lemon meringue which was heavenly (filled with home-made lemon curd) and i got the one with peanut icing and it was like eating reeses butter cups (yummsville!)

so, nice cakes but avoid the vanilla (and hopefully you'll get a chirpier assistant than the grumpy cow that served us)

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