Tuesday, 6 August 2013

chalk people

bored children got given a task...draw around each other then fill in yourself with various items for a contest

this is lottie wearing her mint green leggings and her usa tshirt and with the pink hair she so desires

this is melissa wearing a crop top and patchwork skirt having just been to dominos

and this is jay wearing his camouflage shorts and woolly top having just been shopping at the co-op and had lunch at burgerking

how does this compare to the real melissa?

or the real jay?

anyway, prizes given:

jay - most lifelike, wonka sourtarts
melissa - most imaginative, american lucky charm pieces
lottie - most colourful, smores chocolate bar

and ellie got a xmas cookie chocolate bar for being the judge

all in all stopped them arguing for a good hour

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