Wednesday, 23 March 2011

on a sunny spring day there is so much you can do

we played ball, we lost the ball, we went for a walk to look for the ball, we didn't find the ball...we washed stones, we painted stones, we chalked the path, we bounced on the trampoline, we pushed egon around the car park in the old pram wheels, we pushed boo around the car park in the old pram wheels, i pushed lottie, she pushed me, we made banana & cinnamon cupcakes with green butter icing, lottie made spagbol (one inch pieces of onion yum), ellie and lottie pushed egon to the park in the old pram wheels (much to the amusement of the village), we drank tea, we ate cake, we had baths, we read books, i listened to radio 4 whilst finishing sewing, we flomped into bed with big smiles on our faces....
i love spring

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