Sunday, 17 July 2011

free french fun-filled fire-fuelled frolic

newhaven cormorant was last event with very crazy blue french people doing very crazy things all along the west quay
boats with flares and pulling bonfires joined them

everytime they met a local group, they all stopped and stood on their oildrums to watch

newhaven community choir (with grandad singing)

an oildrum chien!

the ferry tooted the group and was lit up by coloured flares

absailing with flares down from the cliff

their final display of fireworks and oildrum crashing and firecrackers

and when the ferry left the harbour it was all lit up like titanic...beautiful

this was a fantastic night (spoiled on occasion by some ignorant chavs) and we are very grateful for all the effort and input by these amazing people...and considering they carried their oildrums all night, they must be knackered!

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