Tuesday, 6 September 2011

a rainy day

on a day such as this we learnt about the cycle of rain

boring paperwork followed by making paper clouds with raindrops

put 2 pieces of paper together and cut out a cloud shape
staple around the edges of the cloud (about 1cm in from the edge) leaving a gap so you can fill it with scraps of paper until it is puffed out
staple the gap closed

make a template of a raindrop shape and use it to draw round
lottie is drawing round on the back of glitter and shiny silver card

then cut them out

put 2 drops together (so glittery/shiny both sides)
roll foil into balls
arrange your drops how you want them to hang under your cloud

using double-sided tape, stick the drops together with a length of cotton stuck between
thread the cotton onto a needle and push your needle through a foil ball (above and below your drops)
push your needle through the cloud and tie off in a knot

and there you have a sparkly rain cloud full of rain (from evaporation/condensation)
raining silver drops (precipitation)

they sure are pretty too

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