Friday, 2 September 2011

a day in rottingdean

all ready for rock-pooling

having a good climb

finally the tide went out

lottie enjoying a paddle

mummy/baby feet


water shrimp

ellie's small crab

lottie's monster crab




spider snail thingy

we had just the best day ever
when we got there it was high tide (ellie read the tide table wrong!)
so we popped into the charity shop and got some disney dwarfs, a 1973 book on table decorations, war poster for ellie and a spotty duck for lottie
then we had fabulous fish and chips from smugglers chip shop
went to the beach for climbing on the rocks and combing then went for a poodle round the village
had honeycomb hash icecream at surf shack and sweeties from cheeky monkeys
2 amazing beef steaks from the butchers, 2 luscious peaches from the grocers and some antihistamines for mummy from the chemist (please don't discontinue periactin, it's the only one that works on me!)
then back to the beach for more pratting about then another poodle to the village green and the duck pond
then back to the beach for rockpooling and watching the sun go down
finally got home at 8pm...steak and chips and chocolate profiteroles for dinner then soothing showers after our long day out

truly smashing excursion

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