Sunday, 11 March 2012

a lovely spring day

what to do?
spend the day in rottingdean village!

lottie did some chalk art on the rocks
(having just discovered that the reason mummy could produce an instant piece of chalk is because the cliffs are made of the stuff)

rock climbing

beach in a bottle!

we then toodled off to the flea markets in the high street who had a 50p basket!
i got this...perfect for saturday and st.paddy's day

another brooch for me for halloween

a miniature fabric hand-bound notebook for lottie to keep her secrets in

a vanilla cupcake candle with glitter

pretty cake cases for the next batch
(which lottie has decided will be raspberry and white chocolate)

toss in lunch from the smugglers (chicken chunks for lottie, scampi for ellie) and a honeycomb hash ice-cream and you have a lovely, lovely day

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