Tuesday, 1 May 2012

non 25th silver wedding anniversary

30th april 1987 i got married so it would have been my 25th wedding anniversary so i could not let this day pass

my marriage did not last and i mean no disrespect to my ex husband by celebrating this event (i do not hate him, i wish him no ill will, he's lovely, we just failed)...i am just amazed that if we were still together that this day would have come AND that we would have paid our mortgage off too!

so i had an evening soiree, silver themed

our dinner table...gifts for my guests of peace dove charms (the fact i am here 'not' celebrating 25 years of marriage means i haven't always had peace in my life and therefore wish peace for everyone)

twinkly silver lights, silver stars, silver tree with keys, safety pins, buttons, lovebirds, bells, rings, brooches

silver dress, silver shoes, silver jewellery (the hair is naturally silver...how handy!)

gifts from my guests!

our menu was lashings of champagne, ardennes pate and toast, chicken kiev/mediterraean roasted veggies/mange tout and this giant pavlova (because i remember having pavlova at my new mother-in-law's house on the evening our wedding day)

a true retro 1987 menu listening to enya (1987 album)

we had a quiz and discovered that 1987 was the year of hungerford massacre/kings cross fire/margaret thatcher's 3rd election term/zeebruge ferry disaster/world population reached 5billion/simpsons appeared on tv for 1st time/france and england started on the channel tunnel and dirty dancing was the hit film of the year

we also compiled lists of 25 reasons to get married and it's amazing how 6 people came up with different priorities and theories

when you are 18 you don't ever think you could ever reach 25 years from that day and i am blown away that it has arrived

"to mark, wherever you are and whatever you are doing, i hope you are happy, you have love in your life and many blessings"

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