Thursday, 20 December 2012

pretty isn't it?

except it really isn't

this is norovirus under the microscope

ellie and i had a day off work today thanks to this, with lottie suffering yesterday; advice tells us:

The virus is easily passed around on the hands, on surfaces that contaminated hands have touched and food they have prepared. It is hard to get rid of and lingers for up to a week after the sick person has recovered. Even clothes and sheets can be infected for days afterwards and need washing at 60C or higher to kill the virus. Detergent and disinfectant alone will not do the trick.

where i work, we are meticulous about cleaning floors but not surfaces...shelves hold food products, our hands touch food products, our hands push trolleys with our food products, yet never have i seen shelves or trolleys cleaned/disinfected and people STILL don't wash their hands after going to the loo

any wonder this bug keeps doing the rounds????

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