Wednesday, 26 December 2012

what a silly day

ellie got facemasks to avoid those germs that lurk everywhere

lottie got a tray plate for pretending she is eating an inflight meal

our lovely tree

there had to be something vintage

pixie saucepans (aka: measuring cups)

xmas dinner: lamb/beef/turkey/roast tatties & parsnips/pigs in blankets/home-made bread sauce/grandma's gravy/yorkshires/stuffing/star-shaped carrots/sprouts

grandma's xmas pudding (which i tried with brandy butter for the first time in my life and i am in love)

as games co-ordinator i made sure we all played:
knock the papercups with a pair of tights over your head
dress your partner like a xmas tree with green crepe streamers/baubles/star hat
wrap a present whilst wearing gloves
xmas song quiz
tear the shape of a xmas tree from a piece of green paper with both hands behind your back
hold an empty picture frame to your face and try to keep from laughing whilst your evil family try to make you laugh (lottie only had to look at paul and lost!)

we had the best day and hope that wherever you were and whomever you spent it with, you felt love, got fed (physically and spiritually) and had fun x

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