Wednesday, 13 February 2013

a surreal gain

introducing winston zeddemore churchill (pug/jack russell cross)

we had just been shopping at sainsburys after work, rang a taxi but it was late, a taxi from the same firm arrived dropping off a passenger so he said we might as well use him (so not the taxi we should have got), put our shopping in the boot and there is a very cute little puppy in his bed! taxi driver explains he got him from a client who had too many dogs and as his wife had been wanting a dog, decided to take him off her hands, taxi driver takes puppy home and wife explains she wants an older dog, so he is trying to get rid of him, taxi driver explains he has had all his first shots/has all food, toys, toothbrush with him/doesn't want any money for him/trusts us as he has taken us home quite a few times so we could have him if we wanted him...after much deliberation we decided yes

my mum who would be the biggest critic of this decision is away for 3 months so the timing is perfect/it will make our grumpy older dog used to other dogs/ellie had only been saying to a colleague that morning how much she'd like a puppy/and every year i hang 4 stockings on the fireplace yet we only have 3 pets

some things are just meant to be

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