Wednesday, 13 February 2013

memories (like the corners of my mind...)

17th january 1964, hong kong

what a beautiful all looks so 'mad men'...her bridesmaids wore tight fitting turquoise satin with kitten heel stilettos and all the men were dapper suited and smoking!

we went for a visit to my sister's today and got out my (now divorced) parents wedding album...i never kept mine as my ex-hubby and i never had children; but i think if a couple have kids it's good for them to see that their parents so loved each other, they made a declaration to the world and it was that environment that their children were brought into

as they were both in the army in hong kong, no relatives were present, so alongside the photos were telegrams from stella, h and rusty/eileen and walt/flo and donald....and cards from the relatives which made me cry; it has been over 25 years since i saw the hand written font of both my grannies

and both my girls noticed how much i sometimes look like my mum

i love ancestry!

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