Tuesday, 9 July 2013

disney caramel apples

lottie saw these made in disneyland on a youtube video and wanted to make her own

take 3 granny smith apples and push a stick into each, melt a bag of dairy toffees and coat each apple with the melted yumminess, leave to set (which in this weather is in the fridge), just before they have set, put a marshmallow on each side near the stick (these are for mickey's ears)...if you put the marshmallows on straight after you have coated the apples in toffee, they will just slide right to the bottom! once set, melt milk chocolate and coat the apples, leave to set. once set melt white chocolate and add red food colour, coat only the bottom third of the apples and sprinkle red edible glitter onto this chocolate (this makes mickey's shorts), put 2 little white sugar balls for his buttons and there you have "Mickey Mouse Caramel Apples"

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