Sunday, 21 July 2013

lewes to newhaven raft race

this event has been going for 37 years...local fools make a raft and hope it doesn't sink before they get to newhaven from lewes...we went today for grandad's birthday and a picnic

old man (sorry, esteemed member of the family) opening presents

toby enjoying himself

thing1 posing as usual

flour bombs

the idea is as they progress to the start line, spectators hurl eggs, water balloons, tomatoes, flour bombs, abuse and in return they have pumps on board and fire hoses and soak the spectators!

this year's theme was 'music' so this is "greased lightning" and the firemen's subwoofer

abba's dancing queen takes joint lead

come on yellow submarine!

no.9 was sinking before it started!

we had vegan chocolate sweet potato cake with candle for the birthday boy and delicious food:
cheese straws and pesto swirls, pringles, crudites with home-made guacamole, wodges of watermelon, cherries/strawberries/red grapes all washed down with fizzy mango juice....YUM!

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