Wednesday, 31 August 2011

a new start

i have got me a part-time job
alarm goes off at 4.30am, i keep hitting snooze, finally heave my weary body up at 4.45am, creep downstairs avoiding sleeping dog trying to trip me up, shower, lovely nylon/polyester mix uniform on, bucket of coffee and toast, barrow-load of under eye concealer, leave at 5.30am and walk for 20mins watching the sunrise over town (very peaceful and beautiful at that time), quick cuppa in the canteen then a 4 hour shift doing someone else's shopping, home with 2 jumbo sausage rolls for my babies and a box of 3 for 2 cakes from the bakery counter which we share at the kitchen table after i have swapped my work shoes for my lovely slippers

i do this 3 days a week
(although i have just done 5 days back-to-back before my contract even started as they need the staff!)

but i won a weekly leisure pass in the non-uniform raffle on my first day there so i'm not complaining!

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