Monday, 21 November 2011

letters to FC

every year on december 1st we do our letters to FC the german way...on a fire so the ashes float up the chimney, the wind carries them to the north pole, they float down FC's chimney and the letter is reformed by the power of xmas magic...

after putting our letters on, we throw glitter sugar (because it makes rainbow flames) and make a wish

i had communication with the big man last week...he wanted letters early because these past 2 years the snow has caused delays with his outsourcing deliveries and he doesn't want it to happen again (he has a reputation to live up to and not having the goods is not an option)

so we are obeying

letters? check

glitter sugar? check

roaring fire? check

lottie's wish was never divulged

ellie's wish "bigger boobs"

my wish "no-one knows hunger and everyone knows love"
(same every year)

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