Wednesday, 30 November 2011

middle farm

today was a national strike by public sector workers in uk over pension changes
so kids were not at school
as a very lovely gesture, middle farm offered free entrance to everyone today
(to keep those little darlings amused)
so we got an invite from our fab friends and of course we jumped at the chance

very cute begging fluffy white rabbit

broody hens

"get orf my land!"

this horse has just arrived at the farm from essex
he was a bit overwhelmed with everything
his name is mark wright

i love donkeys!

llamas have very pretty eyes

beefy boys

a play hay barn!

don't you just want to lay down beside her?

he was very chatty and had rather pointy teeth

it's so fluffy!

ahhh teeny calves

maureen the milky moo

isn't it udderly wonderful?

old and newer shape milkman bottles

did you eat one today?

talented teenager!

seesaws are great at any age

i am so proud...

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