Tuesday, 22 October 2013

charm necklaces

lottie has wanted to make necklaces with little cork bottles she got some beads in and she wanted them to have charms on ...so i told her that maybe put charms on with meaning to them and i would tell her what to write on the gift message

she made this one for jay

this one for melissa

and this one for herself (but the note is from me)

fill the mini bottle with glitter, glue the cork into the top (we recommend uhu), choose your charms and thread them onto the middle of a length of ribbon, put glue all around the neck of the bottle, place the ribbon around the neck of the bottle and tie with a knot at the back, leave to dry then tie the ribbon to the desired necklace length, write a wee note explaining the charms chosen, give to recipient, wait for the inevitable smile

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