Thursday, 31 October 2013

royal visit

the queen and prince phillip were coming to newhaven to visit bickerstaffs fisheries (who supply the top restaurants)...she was doing a tour of sussex highlighting successful local enterprise....she came by helicopter, landed at the local park and got in her bentley to drive to the west quay

ellie all dressed up to go see queenie

ready to wave her flag

the rnli boat attended

that dot in the sky is the royal helicopter approaching!

her comes the cavalcade!

much excitement!

here she is! and there's phillip too!

popping in to buy some scallops

i had a good nose inside her car...she has a travel bag with babywipes and sweeties and a blanket to keep her legs warm (bless)

got her scallops, time to meet some subjects

"come on phillip"

wading through the crowd

flowers from a fan

lots of flowers from little people

more flowers...

what do you reckon they do with all the flowers? saves getting any for floral arrangements at the palace i suppose...

off she goes, waving that famous hand

thanks for coming!

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