Tuesday, 29 October 2013

halloween craft tuesday week 5!

this week we made halloween crackers

the beautifully strange ellie with hers

a close up

the just plain strange lottie with hers

a close up

take 2 tp roll tubes and cut one in half...place the whole one at the end of a piece of crepe paper with the two halves at each end of the whole one (leaving a 2cm gap)...staple onto the crepe paper (crepe paper is notorious for not liking cellotape, pva glue etc)...insert a sweetie, joke and a trick in the whole tube (we got them to write a trick for someone else so no-one knows what they are getting!)...put some uhu glue on the tubes and start to roll up, gluing the edge when you are finished rolling...at the gap between the whole tube and the half tubes, tie some gift ribbon and curl with scissors...decorate with stickers, fake bugs and halloween confetti

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