Wednesday, 3 August 2011

bramble tarts

lottie's famous bramble tarts
(she invented this recipe when she was 4)

home-made pastry...
did you know that the gluten in flour is activated by heat? this gluten then expands to create air bubbles. which is great for bread and why bread dough is made with warm water. but air bubbles are not wanted in pastry so you use cold water and cold butter. rubbing the butter into the flour gives the flour a waterproof coating so that the gluten can't be activated by water. because your warm hands could heat the gluten even though you used cold water...i never knew the science behind it and now i do...amazing

6 brambles in each tart case
half teaspoon golden syrup
puffs of cinnamon
knob of butter
200c for 15 mins

we had 3 each for pudding
no cream/custard required...too good on their own

thanks lottie

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