Thursday, 4 August 2011

retro crafts

back in 1977 smurf figures were going free if you bought petrol from national garages

my dad was working in oman at the time so no-one in our family was driving a car and filling up with petrol

so i never got a smurf (still upset sniff)

but i made a smurf house anyway and he had a teeny patchwork quilt and i hand-sewed all the walls together and had cotton wool fluff coming out of the chimney

anyway...smurfs are back and i got the girls one each at mcd's yesterday so they are both being architects and builders and interior designers etc etc

this is lottie's so far (more to come as all the furniture needs painting/covering/upholstery and the cooker needs plumbing in (i don't think we will have an inside toilet as they are elves after all who i'm sure still have an outdoor lav)

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