Sunday, 7 August 2011


it is your daughter's 16th birthday and you are working on the actual day as it is a weekday, so you promise to take her out on the sunday prior to make up for it

do you:

a) don't get back to her, don't reply to a text when asked, post on facebook that you have bought yourself a new football shirt ready for the big game on the sunday you are supposed to be taking her out, go to the pub to watch that game and ignore your daughter?

b) get back to her telling her what time to be ready, collect her at that time and take her to lunch as promised?

c) be a real man and admit there is a football match that you cannot possibly miss and ask her if you can do saturday instead?

if you answered b or c then that is the mature and correct response
if you answered a, you are as selfish as my firstborn's father

rant over

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