Sunday, 10 April 2011


even though i am famous for moving home and i thought i was fed up with the whole process and hoped not to do it again for a while; i am actually enjoying this's a fantastic opportunity to cleanse your home of the old, unused, unloved...very cathartic and with the ruthless mindset i have at the moment, exceptionally beneficial for my local charity shops

easter school holidays now and so i am looking forward to lie-ins, easter crafts, days out and meeting family and friends...and treating the ringworm that has appeared on my body! lovely big patch on my leg from a cat scratch....i don't like having a fungal infection (it just sounds awful) ex-husband had a fungal infection once called 'groin and pit rot'...just from the moist and hot areas on his body...i should have been sympathetic but at the time found it he can laugh at me (karma eh?)

enjoy your easter hols x

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  1. Hope your packing is going ok. :0)
    P has a nasty viral infection - blisters all over her face. She feels fine but looks dreadful. Still, that means no child minding as she is infectious. So, a lovely peaceful day today, we made stinging nettle soup. It tasted really good - pleasantly surprised. P has been going on at me for ages to make some but then wasn't brave enough to try it.