Thursday, 7 April 2011

a great swap

i got these freshly laid chicken and duck eggs in return for...

one of these

at lottie's trampolining home-school group i have made two fabulous friends who make me excited about going each week as we have a great laugh and they are just so lovely

debbie has chickens and ducks; i make cloth pads; she wanted a pad, i love eggs

done deal!


  1. My eggs are famous and on the internet!
    P very impressed - 'how did she do that?'

  2. now i know who P is! lastborn could be her other title! your eggs look brilliant and ellie is very excited about the duck egg...might keep them for dippy ones with soldiers for sunday teatime...mmmm

    thanks for the lift today...deep breaths next week and looking forward to all getting together week after x