Friday, 22 April 2011

easter holidays

we went to sheffield park and met our fabulously wonderful friends and had just about the best day in ages...if you have never been to sheffield park, go! stunningly beautiful...we did an egg trail with book clues and we all won chocolate eggs! had a picnic, climbed trees, did some crochet (have recently learnt how to crochet flowers), enjoyed brilliant sunny weather, the kids were all fantastic and we laughed lots...went home with a heart full of love and warmth

vicky, geo and tommy spent the day with us for a lovely easter tea (chocolate cake, hot cross buns and easter nests with a huge pot of tea) followed by a trip to the old rag and bone man's dump site for an archeological dig where we got a right haul...came home and washed our mud covered antiques and flomped in the shade.....tommy's tooth came out so his fairy 'cherub' will be visiting tonight! lovely, lovely day

lottie spent the afternoon at the trampoline centre which she had to herself! 3 coaches to one child...what a great value-for-money ratio!

my dad took me to the tip to get rid of 8 binliners of stuff that have been cleared from the teenager's bedroom and i would be embarrassed to donate to the charity shop

we visited boo and jaycee's house of birth and they are uncles! their sister has had kittens and they are 6 weeks old and so cute it is silly

we have had the electric check and maintenance check on the house ready for the move...both guys turned up unannounced to be greeted by me in my pj's...not a pretty sight

the easter decorations are up and each year i forget all the bits the girls have made over the years and unearthing them is a little treat that makes me all aglow

i hope whatever you have been up to this easter has been joyful, sunny, heartwarming and preferably free!

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