Saturday, 9 April 2011

dig for victory!

seed planting has been done
ellie has chosen lettuce and radish but more importantly carrot and beetroot
(supplies for chocolate and beetroot cake and carrot cake!)
we are hoping they will be ready to plant out in the new garden when we move in 4 weeks
lottie has yet to do hers but she has pumpkin, corn and wants a raspberry bush

whatever you are growing with love, i wish it sturdy roots


  1. P has planted sweetcorn, sunflowers and tomatoes. I have bought pepper and strawberry plants and lots of herb plants. We are planting potatoes and onions tomorrow!

  2. yum! i'm going on the allotment list when we move...can't wait to don a gardening jumper and drink tea in my shed! hope you are having lovely times in this glorious sunniness...x

  3. Lovely weather today. We have been to a family party, relatives from Tasmania are visiting and there was a big get together. When I moved here I thought I hardly had any relations but there were 63 of them at the party! All trying to connect their family trees! Will you have a garden where you are moving to? We used to have 3 allotments when Ian was made redundant ages ago - definitely couldn't cope with three now.