Tuesday, 5 April 2011

knitted slippers

i am jolly chuffed with myself.
whilst relaxing in my boudoir on sunday i started what i have been meaning to do for too long. scraps of wool knitted into a rectangle as long as your foot (and as wide to cover it). once casted off, fold the rectangle in half longways and sew one end (this makes the heel of your slipper). at the other end, sew from the folded tip up to the middle of the rectangle (from folded edge to unfolded edges in a slope). this creates two flaps either side of that seam. fold these down and sew them flat. add a crochet flower for decoration. (i nearly put a bell on instead as they look like slippers the pixies would wear)

skip around your home in your new slippers and feel like one of the little people (wings and a tutu would be a good addition at this point)

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