Wednesday, 1 June 2011

amid the disaster, a moment of joy

in all the stress and complications with the new house, i forgot my birthday...ellie was at her grandma's away from the hazardous fumes and because she had some exams; and lottie and i were too tired to realise what day it was

my smashing dad took me to lunch (i am now the world's biggest lover of walnut, stilton and pear salad) and then a drive around newhaven showing me 'the sights' and then we returned to his house to discover a surprise....lottie and lynn (my dad's culinary genius of a wife) made me a rather grand and stonkingly chocolatey cake (which must have killed lottie as a keeper of secrets she is not)

i had 2 pieces on the day and another 2 the next day (guilt? NEVER!)

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