Thursday, 2 June 2011

day tripper

today we went to seaford on the train and took our first steps into the very chilly english channel...what a scorcher it was...lashings of suncream and lemonade and shade-seeking...picnic on the beach, ice cream after the park, trawl round the charity shops and treats from the supermarket

and we got to see the swing bridge in action today...what an amazing piece of engineering that is

AND we found a retro shop selling old coins of the realm so lottie bought 10 for a pound...a halfpenny, a penny, a half crown, a shilling, two shilling piece and a thrupenny bit...lead to a grand discussion about these coins being used by her grandparents and that we can ask what they got for that amount...a real find

and we found a dime!! much mrs potato head "here's a dime, call me!" was quoted!

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