Thursday, 23 June 2011

trip down memory lane

we were in lewes a couple of weeks back and ellie spotted mark williams
who she only knows as arthur weasley from the harry potter films...ellie being the lovely polite and far too shy child she is, wouldn't approach him for a chat/photo/autograph as he was eating a sandwich and she might frankly have peed herself with excitement

anyway, lead to me telling her that when she was little we used to go to a pottery cafe in brighton called paint pots run by this fabulous woman called vicky who was friends with mark because he drank at the same pub as her and he lived nearby and once popped into the cafe when were there

so as we were in brighton today, i thought we'd go see if paint pots is still there and also if vicky still runs it...well blow me down, it is and she is!

so being the nosey cow i am, i popped in just to show her what my 3 year old had grown into and she remembered me and was sooo lovely and still an amazing strong/no shit woman with a wicked sense of humour and she just made my day...but ellie is now thinking i know amazingly cool-like people because vicky told her that she is still great friends with mark and he took her to the premiere of the latest film and all the luvvies she got to meet and that she also had warwick davis' autograph! 

ellie and lottie now both want to go paint pottery at vicky's as she listened to them and genuinely wanted to hear what they had to say (not an attribute i see in many adults these days) and i am, once again, a big fan of that smashing lass

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