Friday, 17 June 2011


after hobbling down to the cashpoint yesterday to get money for children to go to lewes, i popped into one charity shop and found these blessed items

1970s stash of yardley face powder 20p, bronnley fern soap 10p, fire red lippy20p and beautiful tins of talcum powder from avon 20p each, all untouched...obviously it would seem an old lady has died and her dressing table has been cleared which is very sad but at least these weren't thrown away and we are now loving them instead

lead to lots of conversations about how the talc reminds me of my scottish granny who always had pretty tins of talc and what talc is as we have never used the stuff (very alien to my kids!) and why would a woman have 2 facepowders untouched? because make-up companies used to discontinue colours etc so ladies would stock up on their favourite (my mum still does that!)

and lottie just loves the way that the talc, if opened, puffs a cloud out when you put it down on the table!

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