Monday, 27 June 2011

palace pier

1650 ft long, costing nearly 140 thousand pounds, the pier was designed by R. St.George Moore, using oriental features to echo the Royal Pavilion. After a cash crisis soon after building commenced in 1891, the pier was finally completed by Sir John Howard in 1899. The ironwork on this pier is original, and many of the kiosks bear the initials BMMP, standing for Brighton Marine Palace and Pier

i love the paintwork...i think it's like victorian graffitti!

lottie and i shared a bag of donuts

under the pier, shaded from the sun but seeing a new aspect of the pier

we found glass pieces tumbled by the sea which we shall make into pendants

the ironwork reminds me of iced lacework on wedding cakes

gothic and wonderful

we also saw a by-plane do loop the loop over the pier!

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