Wednesday, 29 June 2011

search for an ancestor

grandma met us for a picnic lunch which we had at the duck pond by the pells...we fed the ducks and spoke to all passing dogs and then checked out the pool which is a definite future trip!

as this church was only round the corner, i decided to try and locate a missing relative

st john sub castro was the local church for my grandparents and my dad was a choirboy there in the 50's

my dad's grandfather george lived with them and when george died in 1961, it is assumed he would have been buried locally (my dad does not remember a service for him and this has always been a mystery which got me started on the ancestry lark). so a trek through the graveyard we did, but as has been confirmed by lewes records office, he does not seem to be buried anywhere in lewes

still the church is very pretty and it was a lovely sunny day and even if i never find george, it's lovely to know that 60 years ago, my dad's voice was ringing through the rafters (before his balls dropped)

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